Atmanirbhar Bharat – Start-up And Survive

Atmanirbhar means not only to boycott Chinese products. The real meaning of Atmanirbhar is if you have to survive in this marketing world then you have to start your manufacturing industries, make quality based products, provide unbeatable services, products price range should be competitive. The most important thing is your Business Strategy.
Atmanirbhar Bharat - Start-up And Survive
Business Strategy And Development :
Due to Unemployment, many young generation students or ladies can start their own business from home only. They can manufacture their label products, and they can promote it in the local market by developing their marketing skills. Apps like Whatsapp, Facebook will help to promote your products and services worldwide after getting proper knowledge and market experience.
Decide Your Own Business :
If you are having a few capitals to start your own business, then you can begin to manufacture your product. You can also apply for a loan under Govt schemes and take advantage of building your CIBIL score so that next time banks will approach to you.
If you’re not interested in manufacturing sector, then you can deal with trade-in products or services and many more options are available to inspire and give a positive start-up to your business.
Just Do It Practically :
If you want to start something which you like and you can earn from that business then don’t waste your time thinking about what to do? Take a chance and start-up it with positive approach. At least you will get an experience and daring to start something which you never get started. Small business ideas will help to improve your business skill and communication skill while dealing in the market.
Target Your Audience :
Any kind of market requires audiences to buying and selling goods. Before starting any business, decide you’re targeted to you will get an idea of manufacturing products.
Manufacture Quality-Based Products :
If you have to survive for a long time in the market, then provide quality based products rather than quantity. Every customer wants value for money products, and once you give the same to them, then they will easily trust on you and your products. Try to gain your customers believe it will boost your business and income also.
Promote Your Products :
Remember to promote and don’t feel shy to advertise your business at any cost because advertisement is the backbone of any business. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are some of the apps that could help you to promote your business. Nowadays, everything is getting digitalised so promote your business digitally and increase your audience and start to generate an extra income.
Learn From Competition :
When you enter into the business competition tin getting started because the customer could reach up to different sellers easily. Try to start such type of marketing where competition is less and develop the techniques to attract the new customer but don’t forget to keep in touch with regular customers. Try to identify the strategy of your competitors and build your own.
Keep Engage Your Audience :
By promoting some quizzes, competition on your social media pages or by blasting messages you can engage your targeted customers, and it is a good sign for the advertisement of your business and can gain the trust of customers. Keep in touch with your customers to take their feedback about your products and ask them for their requirements.
Be Punctual And Follow Discipline :
Time is the most important thing than money.   You can earn a lot of money by utilising your time correctly, but once the time changes, no one could get back it again. By following the proper timeline and fulfilling commitments can increase the loyalty of your product and helps to make it as Brand.
Boost Your Income :
If your business doing well as per your expectations, then start another business very soon means don’t depend on a single income source. It will help you to earn an additional source of income quickly.
Atmanirbhar Bharat :
As discussed above, if each entrepreneur will follow these tips and work accordingly, then India can rule the world in the next few years and could survive for a long time as a Brand in the world.
A sovereign India will live on five pillars of ‘economy’, which brings in quantum jump and not accumulative change; ‘infrastructure’; ‘system’, supported 21st-century technology-driven arrangements; ‘vibrant demography’, which is our source of energy for a self-reliant India; and ‘demand’, whereby the strength of our demand and provide chain should be utilised to full capacity.
We could beat China by giving a stiff competition to them, but for that, we have to enter in the manufacturing and business sector practically. Then only we can think to hit the Chinese economy and stand up as a strong competitor in the world.

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