E-reader – A Small Portable Book Library

E-readers are now commonly used everywhere by every age group. These E-readers are helpful for those peoples who are book lovers and reading is their hobby, but they don’t like to carry books everywhere.
Now e-readers buying makes a lot of sense. It reduces paper cost as well as easy to carry everywhere because of its small size, and the main thing is that no worry about selling books all the times.
E-reader - A Small Portable Book Library
There are so many types of e-readers that are available in the market. Which is the best one and what things should be considered in mind before buying it? What are the essential points to be considered while selecting e-readers are given below?
What is an E-reader?
An E-reader is one of the small types of tablet and specially made up for reading purpose at any time and anywhere. The technology used in E-reader is E-ink technology. The E-ink technology looks like paper, and it doesn’t contain display like a tablet or laptop, this makes it very much easier to read. Due to reflective technology, it is getting easy to read in the dark also. User can easily understand it in direct sunlight also because of its reflective technology. One of the benefits of E-ink is that they have low power consumption so that they do not need charging that often.
E-readers Contain:
E-reader contains many important points for discussion when you are going to buy an e-reader, or you already bought it.
Display Size :
When you research in the market for an e-reader, lots of options are available depending on their features. Screen size is one of the most important elements to discuss. Various e-readers are available with different screen sizes, but the 6-inch display size is widespread, and it is considered as standard screen size. The size is measured as diagonally across the screen like a laptop screen.
Screen Resolution :
Usually, screen measurement is to be measured in PPI (Pixel Per Inches) and E-readers screen resolution to be measured in dpi (Dots Per Inches). Most of the screen comes with 300 dpi for crystal clear resolution.
Touchscreen :
Many of the e-readers come with touchpad display, and it gets very much accessible and convenient to a user for typing something with the help of virtual keywords. Many of the e-readers did not have such kind of touchscreen options.
Connectivity :
For downloading any book, two options are available Wi-Fi and cellular. Wi-fi is not available everywhere, and cellular connection enables with the help of mobile data only for downloading ebooks. The cellular connection doesn’t need any particular type of subscription for downloading. Wi-Fi option is better for home, offices and hotels. Before going outside, you can download the books which you have to read afterwords.
Water Resistance :
E-readers can be used everywhere so that one can use it nearby swimming pool or beach on holiday. To protect it from the water most of the e-readers come with waterproof and water resistance technology so that e-readers remain dry.
Storage :
Storage or capacity is not a significant issue in e-reader because downloaded books are to be stored at cloud storage and the size of books are very small. Still some e-readers come with 4gb, 32gb storage capacity which is more than enough.
Backlight :
Backlight feature can be used in dark mode. Mostly used in the night time and this backlight feature protects our eyes from the extra strain. Backlight feature also saves the battery of e-readers which helps to increase battery backup so that some e-reader comes with battery back up up to 4-5 days. It is used only whenever it is needed.
Books Format :
Books are available with a different file format given below.
E-reader - A Small Portable Book Library
PDF Format :
It is very much accessible book format introduced by Adobe. PDF (Portable Document Format) is now commonly used in all book format. This format is widely used in e-readers from it has been launched, but it is compatible for letter size paper or A4 size regular papers. Once we tried to use in mobile, it’s size get reduced and didn’t get proper results.
AZW Format :
It is Amazon file format, and it is specially designed and developed for Kindle e-readers. This format is based on MOBI format. We can view and read the AZW Format books on computers also with the help of an app.
MOBI Format :
It is a MobiPocket reader format. MobiPocket is an application-based format is designed for reading ebooks in mobiles. There are limitations with this format for images sizes and font sizes.
PDF Format :  
ODF (Open Document Format) is the XML document file format. It is the default format for OpenOffice, the open-source productivity suite used by many as an alternative to Microsoft Office.
E-readers are not much expensive and easy to carry everywhere. You can select your E-reader as per your choice and requirements by understanding specifications and features.

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