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Dr Trust Pulse Oximeter:

Dr Trust Pulse Oximeter is a helpful device that is regularly used by all the professionals in hospitals, medicals. Dr Trust Pulse Oximeter readings are more accurate and it is proven and that’s why¬†Dr Trust is the most valuable and trusted brand in the medical industry. You can buy this device by understanding the features and benefits it.

Dr Trust Pulse Oximeter


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This is a real value-for-money product for every individual in terms of health. Our personal and family health is our topmost priority. Pulse oximeter reading helps you to keep more aware of your health.

This device shows you the accurate reading and it automatically gets turn off within 6 seconds after removing your finger from the device.

Dr Trust Pulse Oximeter is a safe and secure device for everyone. Especially for Asthma patients who face oxygen-related problems the most. Pulse oximeter readings will keep you updated at all times for your health.

During this pandemic situation of Coronavirus, it is mandatory to keep such type of devices at home to calculate the blood oxygen saturation level as a primary treatment for our loved ones by measuring pulse oximeter readings.

The oxygen saturation level will indicate your oxygen level in your body which can be observed by checking pulse oximeter readings.

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The normal oxygen saturation level of a normal person should be above 95 which is a good sign. If it drops below 95 then it is the indicator that you should contact your family doctor or visit at nearest hospital for further checkup.

The latest and updated Dr Trust finger pulse oximeter readings are just a superb device that comes at an affordable price with various features.

It checks pulse rates and blood oxygen saturation levels more accurately. With the help of a single button, it goes easy to operate.

The small size and less weight make it comfortable to carry anywhere. It helps to pilot and athletes to measure correct oxygen saturation level and monitoring it.

The best feature of this pulse oximeter is its water-resistance features and this device comes with an audio-visual alarm facility.

Warranty of the products comes with terms and conditions of damaged product’s warranty will not taking into consideration. The user manual is very easy to understand for every user.

Dr Trust Pulse Oximeter

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The warranty covers for the manufacturing defects only like, if the sensor of the pulse oximeter is not working properly then this thing should be count in manufacturing defects which covers under warranty.

The customer has to send it to their service center for repair and no need to repair it manually at home. Because an unauthorized repair will not be considered while claiming that in the period of warranty.

Dr Trust Pulse Oximeter is designed for the non-invasive measurements of the pulse rate & Arterial Blood Oxygen Saturation (SpO2).

This device shows a real-time reading within 6 seconds and shuts down automatically after removing your finger.

Dr Trust Pulse Oximeter records SpO2 and pulse rate during a medical emergency or intensive care.

This device is widely used in clinics, hospitals, and homes to record the vital signs of patients with respiratory issues like asthma.

This device is additionally used to forestall hypoxia. Hypoxia, a typical ailment looked at by competitors, hikers, pilots, and others who go to high altitude territories, where the degree of blood oxygen drops down out of nowhere.

PI demonstrates the beat strength at the sensor site. While a normal heartbeat rate in the waveform diagram guarantees the dependability of the pulse oximeter readings.

Dr Trust Pulse Oximeter readings function admirably with all age groups and the best for offering pediatric consideration. The little, conservative and imaginative plan accompanies 8 modes to show SpO2.

PR beat estimations rapidly and precisely on a wide double tone and multi-directional OLED show.

A great ABS material makes it tough. Hypoallergenic sans latex material is covered inside the finger chamber making it allergic-free to unfavorably susceptible for each one of those with delicate skin. While with the gave cord, it is not difficult to convey safely during movement.

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IP22 with Low Power Indication:

Dr Trust Pulse Oximeter is water-safe yet not waterproof. This requires 2 AAA antacid batteries and shows when the battery is low.

“Keep Trust – Dr Trust”

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