5G network will provide us high speed, lower latency and greater capacity 


It's the first gen of mobile technology. We were able to use our mobile in a moving vehicle or away from our home. 


2G technology helps us to send messages in the form of texts. It introduces us to a short messaging layer.

3G technology was launched to use speedy networks with a smartphone.


4G technology helps us with faster data transfer rates. It allows less buffering speed. It also led to much of the connected devices and services 



5G comes with it's transformative capabilities. The capabilities of 5G will have a significant impact on how we live and work.

Benefits of 5G

Businesses will be more efficient with 5G speed and other connectivity. Consumers will have access to more information faster than ever.

Benefits of 5G

It has a greater transmission speed. The speed of transmission is up to 20GB. With the help of higher speed, we can access files, programs and applications very quickly.

5G allows a greater number of connected devices to a network. All the connected devices will instantly connect to internet to access it.