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For beginners 

7 effective photography tips

1. Hold the camera properly 

Keep the camera close to your body to avoid camera shake and blurry images. It will provide you an extra stability.

2. Understanding The Basic Settings 

Exposure, Aperture, and Shutter speed are the essential settings that you need to learn.

You can buy a tripod so that you will get a steady platform to hold your camera to begin your photography journey.


3. Use Automatic Mode

As a beginner, it is quite difficult to understand the settings easily. You can use Automatic mode because it adjusted the settings according to the need for a photo.

4. Focus On Lighting

Direct sunlight or balanced lighting is an essential element of photography. Once you click the photo in balanced sunlight, half your work is done.

5. Avoid Blurry Images

Blurry images provide a big disappointment for everyone. It could be because of improper light conditions or shaking hands during the photography, 

6. Camera Should Be Still

For a beginner photographer, keeping such small but essential things in mind becomes a stepping stone to doing something bigger.

7. Practice With Consistency

Capture photos every single day. That is the only way to get much better results at what you do.