7 Must Know Cybersecurity Tips 

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Be Alert

Don't be overconfident, you could be a victim of online fraud. Never say this don't happen to me

Set A Strong And Unique Password

Keep your password safe and secure and at the same time do not share the details with anyone under any condition

Do Not Share OTP

Make sure not to share your OTPs and other personal details with anyone over the calls and in any type of situation 

Do Not Share ATM PIN And Card Details

Do not share your ATM PIN, CVV number, and other Credit/Debit card details with anyone. These are your personal and confidential details.

Avoid Login In Unknown Devices

Do not log in and share your details on unknown devices. Malware can be spread via USB drives and Hard drives.

Beware Of Malicious Links

Be careful before opening any link or any attachment that may direct you to some phishing site.


Take backups of your data regularly and try to lock your personal information.