How To Close The Customer?

7 Proven Steps

Greet the customer at a distance of 10 feet with a smile by nodding your head at the time of entering your shop.

1. Follow 10 Feet Rule

2. Greet The Customer

Greet the customer by saying Hello sir/Ma'am and welcome them for feeling a great experience.

3. Assist The Customer

Ask for any help and if they don't need your assistance then remind them to ask you when they need any kind of help from your side.

4. Educate The Customer

Educate the customer by providing the correct and necessary information about the product that they are looking to buy.

5. Suggest The Option

Suggest at least 2 options of another brand for comparing the features and benefits and offer them a choice to select the product.

6. Offer The Best Deal

Offer the best deal or discount on the selected product by offering additional benefits to the customer. This strategy makes your customer more satisfied.

7. Sell The Solutions

The customer never buys a product from you, they buy a solution from you and they paid the charges for services offered by you.