Apple Macbook Air 


The 2022 Macbook Air shows off all the new designs with a new notched display. It is one of the super light and thin laptops from the Apple family

Apple has launched the Macbook Air 2022 with the latest Intel M2 processor and that represents a big change in design compared to the previous generation.

The Macbook Air has a kind of flat-edged look and design. The edges are not as thick as the Macbook Pro

The thickness of the device is just 11 millimeters, you will immediately notice after you pick it up

mickey gilley

On the left side, power input is given to make it charge. Apart from a MagSafe power input, two Thunderbolt ports are given

The keyboard and touchpad both are fantastic and the touchpad is big, responsive, and of the best quality.

The Macbook Air offers 2 tweeters and 2 woofers for a more immersive experience

mickey gilley

It has a display size of 13.6". The display quality is much better than the last generation model. This model offers you 500nits display