AI Can Guide To A Safer Brain Surgery

By: Technical Vision

By referring the Artificial Intelligence (AI)  applications, AI will guide neurosurgeons in complicated operations. 

Brain surgery with the help of AI is possible in the next few years a neurosurgeon said. The surgeons are working to adopt the technology.

The UK Government says AI suggestions could make it safer, and more effective and it could be "A Real Game Changer" for the healthcare system.

Brain surgery is the most difficult, even a silly mistake could be enough to kill the patient immediately. AI will gel to avoid damage.

Neuro-oncology, Functional Neurosurgery, and Spinal and Vascular Neurosurgery are the key areas in which AI technology will guide.

These risky surgeries will be successful in the coming two years and it will be a safer surgery for neurosurgeons.

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