Will Google's New programming language "Carbon"
Replace C++?


Carbon was launched this week in Toronto by Google Principle Software Engineer Chandler Carruth. This programming language was developed to replace the C++ language 

Over the years, Google has developed a few programming languages, and some of them have become more popular in recent years 

Golang (simply Go) language was generated to improve the development of servers and distributed systems and it has been accepted by the world.

The introducer keyword and simpler grammar help to make Carbon a suitable language than Rust

The writer can use expressions to name types and the package is the root namespace. The users can also impact API through their package names.

Moral considerations like the project's cultural accessibility, and inclusivity would be a great advantage that goes beyond the Carbon language.

The major objective is to match the performance of the C++ Programming language. It is developed for students 

Currently, the Google programming language is just an experiment by Google