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DDR5 Versus DDR4 RAM:

By: techsvision

The standard clock speed for DDR4 RAM is 2133MHz, whereas the default rate for DDR5 RAM is 4800MHz.

The DDR4 RAM has a lower latency to quickly access the data than DDR5 RAM. The lower Latency supports a faster speed.

DDR5 modules are only compatible with limited processors of the 12th and 13th generation. Whereas DDR4 RAM is compatible with almost every processor till the date.

As per the discussion performance, DDR5 RAM is faster than DDR4. It has a greater power efficiency and more reliable error correction.

DDR4 RAM offers a standard speed of  3200MT/a whereas DDR5 RAM offers a standard speed of 5600MT/s

DDR4 RAM supports a bandwidth of 33.6GB/and DDR5 RAM supports almost double that 69.2GB/s.

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