Destiny 2: Challenges In Breaking The Glitches


A new glitch has been found in Destiny 2 that allows players to give their legendary weapons Exotic perks, increasing damage against champions

Every time Bungie introduces fresh weapons and armor, to customize the play style of the players. Yet, the chances of exploiting glitches occur.

Currently, this glitch only works on craftable exotic weapons that have not been crafted or reshaped. To activate the exploit, it is important to select craftable exotic weapons.

You can fix the invisible glitches by just restarting the game. The positive side is that Bungie has said that it is aware of the glitch and is working on a fix.

This game-breaking glitch was shared on the Billibili video platform and covered by Cheese forever.

Destiny 2 players have also been crafting grenade launchers with frames from another weapon, sending massive amounts of explosives toward PvP players.

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