Family Dollar Recalls 

Over 400 Products Due To Improper Storage 

Family Dollar has recalled more than 400 health products including medicines due to improper storage, FDA said

The Food And Drugs Administration (FDA) says the recall includes all the products stored outside the temperature of the requirements. It includes medicines, soap, toothpaste etc.

Family Dollar has informed the affected retail stores advising them to quickly remove the affected products from shelves. No customer complaints have been received at this time

The recall includes major brands like Tylenol, Colgate, Dove, Vicks, Alka Seltzer and cold medicines. According to the reports, the recall was initiated due to the over-storage concern.

According to FDA, the products were stored outside of labelled temperature requirements and no unfavourable effects on these products have been reported 

Family Dollar has already notified over 8000 stores and asked the staff to check their affected stock immediately and cancel the sale of recalled products.

The product shipments were made during the period May and June