The Great Globular Cluster In Hercules 

There are comets, and then there are great comets. It was certainly the fire that broke out in the sky in 1743 and 1744

The comet is said to have become bright enough to be seen in the daylight 

In the morning when the comet's head was hidden below the horizon these 6 tails were bright and visible.

Messier was born in northern France in 1730 where his father held the job of being a "court usher"

Messier's father died when he was just 11 years old. By then his 12 brothers and sisters had died.

Messiah 13 became the Hercules Star Cluster known as the Great Globular Cluster

M13 is a cluster of millions of stars, but not Galaxy

M13 is 100 times denser in stars than around the Earth. There are only 135 stars within 50light-years of Earth