Google Celebrates 25th Birthday 

Sundar Pichai Has A Thanks Message

CEO Sundar Pichai has a Thanks message for users and celebrates Google's 25th birthday. Let's see the poured birthday wishes from Google products. 

"Happy 25th birthday @Google! Thanks to everyone who uses our products and challenges us to keep innovating and to all Googlers". Sundar Pichai posted this message on social media.

Sundar Pichai

Gmail had a birthday message for Google. " Wishing the happiest 25th birthday to @Google! When is the birthday party evite coming?".


YouTube had a birthday message for Google. " Happy birthday @Google! If you saw a search for last-minute gifts it totally wasn't me."


Google AI

Google AI had a birthday wish. "Happy 25th birthday,@Google! It will be exciting to research what comes next."

Google Maps

"Happy 25th birthday, @Google! We'd be lost without you".

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