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How A Refrigerator Component Works?

By: Techsvision

To keep the food fresh, a refrigerator needs a low temperature. Lower temperature helps to decrease the rate of harmful bacteria and keeps the food fresh. 


The compressor is the most important component of a refrigerator. It circulates the refrigerant throughout the refrigerator adds pressure, and makes the refrigerant hot. 


The condenser works by condensing the refrigerant. It is likely quite dusty. Inside, the refrigerant is hot and the condenser cools the refrigerant by converting it into liquid form.

Capillary tube

The liquid refrigerant is routed through the capillary tube and poured out into the low-pressure environment of the evaporator.


The thermostat controls the cooling process by observing the temperature and then switching the compressor on and off.


The evaporator is found inside a refrigerator to keep the items cool. As the refrigerant turns from a liquid into a gas through evaporation, it cools the area around it. 

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