How Do I Select A Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

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When selecting a robot vacuum cleaner, you can consider major factors like cleaning area, capacity, filter types, and noise level in technical aspects. 

Survey Of Your House 

Do you have Pets, Carpets, wooden cupboards, hardwoods? These are factors to contemplate when shopping around for a robot vacuum for the first time.

Feature And Budget

Not all robot vacuums clean the same, Some are better at discovering pet hair off carpets, while others might perform better on the hardwood.

Battery Requirement

If the home is more significant, then a significant amount of battery required for cleaning the house. Usually, the larger the battery, the higher the cleaning job.

Check Loudness

The vacuum cleaner's sound may be measured by using a decibel meter. Most models at under 70 decibels. Quieter models are under 60 decibels.


Robotic vacuums require maintenance. The dustbin must be emptied after each cleaning. Every few months, you may have to replace filters and brushes.

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