How To FIX Payday 3 "Stuck On Landing Screen" Issue?

By: Technical Vision

A lot of people downloaded the game "Payday 3". Many of them have stated that the game was stuck on the loading screen just after downloading the game.

You can fix this issue by ensuring, the system meets the minimum requirements of the game. So, try to upgrade the hardware as well as the software.

Install proper components 

The problem occurs due to improper installation of RAM including the other components. If the RAM of your computer is running low then a better way to upgrade it.

Update The System

Just close the other background running apps and terminate all the unnecessary tasks. Finally, ensure that Payday 3 and your computer OS are both up to date 


There could be various reasons for the Payday 3 stuck issue. Faulty hardware component installation. The screen loading issue occurs due to an outdated GPU drivers.

Finally, ensure that Payday 3, Computer OS, and other hardware components are updated and installed correctly. To fix these issues, Open the CPU cabinet and reinstall the components.

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