four things ai programs can beat humans 

Artificial Intelligence systems can able to perform man-made tasks and natural intuitions. These machines have mastered some of mankind's best creation.


Comprehension and recalling information are the best part of any educational system. Next, Artificial Intelligence computers that could do everything as well as a human being 

The robot taught to walk

Researchers have built a robotic dog named Morti. Morti is an AI robot dog that learned to walk quicker than humans.

"Major tech companies are ready to invest in aI development"

Poker bot

Libratus AI robot was created by Carnegie Mellon University researchers. It defeated four of the best poker players in head-to-head matchups.


Deep Blue is a six-foot super machine was developed by Campbell. It defeated Garry Kasparov a chess Grandmaster in a six-game series.

In the next stage, the AI-based computers can do anything as well as the person, including reasons and other more abstract human abilities that are not purely computational.