IISC Researchers develop a design framework 

This chipset is useful for Artificial Intelligence based applications like Alexa or Siri

Indian Institute Of Science has developed a design framework to build next generation Analogue computing chipset.

The researchers of the Indian Institute Of Science (IISC) have developed a chipset that requires less power and is faster than digital chips.


The advantage of Analogue is huge, you will get orders of magnitude improvement in power and size.

Digital chips, testing and co-design of  Analogue processors is difficult. As Analogue chips don't scale easily, they need to be individually customised.

To overcome these problems, the team has designed a novel framework that allows the development of Analogue processors, just like the digital processors.

The design framework was developed as a part of IISC student Pratik Kumar's Phd work with Prof. Shantanu Chakrabartty.



They have also filed a patienT and are planning to work with induSTRY partners.