What IS the importance of computer security? 


Computer security is important because it ensures that your viable data and information are safe. Computer security provides confidentiality for the computer system.

To protect the confidential data

It prevents the data from cyber threats and assures you that your personal information is safe. You can secure your data by providing a strong password to the computer.

"Don't fall for the traps of phishing emails and update the operating system regularly to prevent the data."

George Washington

To protect the official data

Any kind of official data including sensitive information and assets. To prevent the information from unauthorized access or misuse, computer security is a must.

To prevent viruses and malware

Viruses and Malware are annoying and dangerous factors doe a computer system. Computer security prevents your system from these unwanted factors.

To Protect from unauthorized access

Computer security alerts you about unauthorized access in the absence of you. It also secures your computer system from hackers from humming the sensitive data.

"As technology is ever-increasing, cyber crimes are also increasing. To protect your computer from these crimes computer security is essential."


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