Inbound Marketing
Outbound Marketing 

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Inbound marketing strategies are commonly used for online customers because more than 70% of customers have changed their shopping journey from offline to online.

Inbound Marketing 

Outbound Marketing 

Outbound marketing is a one-way communication marketing strategy used to push your business by triggering bulk messages to listed customers.


Outbound marketing is when your product represents your brand and its value in front of a large audience. Inbound marketing focuses on providing information and education to customers.

Inbound Marketing Includes

To promote your business and products by collecting emails from customers, by creating a campaign on social media, and by sharing the information through blogs and videos.

Outbound Marketing Includes

This is a type of one-way communication because you are delivering only content without taking feedback from your customers. Press advertisements,

Which Is The Best Strategy For Me?

It is not difficult to choose a perfect marketing strategy for your business. You just have to be focused on your brand, customer base, and goals of your business 

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