Indonesia Govt Banned:Yahoo, PayPal And Gaming Websites

Indonesia has blocked the popular search engine Yahoo, Payment servers like; PayPal including other gaming websites due to compliance with listening rules.

This comes after the enactment of the new law in Indonesia that requires an online platform and services to apply for a permit to continue operating in the country.

The various online services including Steam, Epic Games, Ubisoft, Battle Net, Nintendo and EA failed to apply for permits before the deadline.

Other popular online platforms like; Twitter, Zoom, Facebook, Netflix, Spotify, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Youtube have registered under the controversial licensing regime.

If a platform ignores the order, the ministry can order internet service providers to block access to it.

If the content contains child pornography or a message supporting terrorism, then they have to immediately remove such content within 24 hours after receiving the instructions.

If a platform ignores such instructions then the ministry can order internet service providers to block the access.