Chandrayaan-2 Find Sodium On The Moon

Chandrayaan-2 spectrometer noticed the Sodium on the moon for the first time. Chandrayaan-2 is an Indian Lunar Mission to send an orbiter, lander, and rover to the moon.

Chandrayaan-2 features improved instruments and new technologies planned for future planetary missions.

The lander was named Vikram, after Vikram Sarabhai, the founder of India's Space program.

Terrain mapping camera 2 (TMC-2) was used to create a 3D map of the lunar surface. It is a miniature version of the camera used onboard the Chandrayaan-1 mission.

The mission targeted the "South Polar Region" of the moon which was completely unexplored.

The new findings from Chandrayaan-2, provide an avenue to study surface-exosphere 

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