Nasa's Web Telescope NIRSpec Instrument Is Ready

Three of the four Science instruments on NASA's James Webb Space Telescope have completed their commissioning activities.

Each of Webb's instruments has multiple modes of operation which needs to be tested and calibrated before they can begin to conduct science


The final mode verified for NIRSpec was the multi-object spectroscopy mode, a key capability that allows the Web to capture Spectra 

In multi-object spectroscopy mode, NIRSpec can individually open and close about 25000 shutters, all just width of human hairs.

Webb can observe multiple specific targets while reducing the interface from others.

The confirmation of NIRSpec's multi-object spectroscopy mode marks the first time capability has been verified for use from space.

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Webb is on a mission to peer into the early universe, seek out exoplanets and galaxies and tease out new secrets from the COSMOS.