How should I manage multiple credit cards ?

Handling and usage of multiple credit cards are the financial responsibility of a credit card holder. To carry multiple credit cards are easy but the repayment of the cards is not an easy task.

Proper usage of. Multiple credit cards may improve your Cibil score. at the same time it will not impact your bank account directly 

Use 30-40% Credit Limit

Try to use the minimum credit limit of any credit card. You can utilize the amount up to 40% so the remaining amount you could use in case of emergency.

Credit Card Billing Cycle

To avoid overdue charges you must know the credit card billing cycle date so try to pay the number of credit cards before the due date after generating the bill

Timely Repayment

Timely reimbursement of any credit card is the most convenient option to manage your credit cards and for that, you can set up a reminder for repayment before the due date 

Never share details

Credit card number, PIN, password,  OTP, and other card-related information never share with anyone or over the phone calls.

Carrying single or multiple credit cards could improve your credit score.