Meta Will Launch New VR In October 

Mark Zuckerberg discussed the new concept of VR headset in the world of Metaverse with Joe Rogan and planning to launch it in October.

The price of the Quest 2 VR has been increased due to the rise in shipping and production costs.

The new VR headset will contain the features like; facial tracking and cutting-edge eye for experiencing the digital avatars in VR

The VR headset was designed under the codename " Project Cambria" and that will cost you  $800. Similarly, the price of the Quest 2 VR headset will cost around $399 or $499 depending on the model

Meta has been investing in VR and Augmented Reality (AR) to experience a world beyond the universe.

VR Avatars also need to respond in real-time to the ways we move our bodies and faces and for that powerful computing and graphics processes requires

The space and time in Metaverse would appear similar to the real world because of AR and VR technology