Microsoft Edge Introduces Magnify Image

Microsoft Edge, the famous web browser, recently added a feature that improves visitors’ interaction with images on websites. The feature is called “Magnify Image".

Magnify image will allow you to preview the image in a larger window on the same page. You don't need to open a new tab for that.

By making some changes in the Canary shortcuts of the Microsoft Edge browser, a user can simply activate "Magnify image".

Google is also working on the same features like; Magnify image for its Chrome browser. Whereas  Microsoft is testing an automatic browser restart feature.

To use the Magnify image feature on your Microsoft Edge browser, you need to update your Microsoft Edge Canary to version 120.0.2198

Microsoft is currently testing an automatic browser restart functionality to enhance the user's experience and ensure that the user stays updated with the latest features and software updates.

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