Microsoft EVENT's Biggest announcement


In this event, Microsoft has not only wrapped the new devices but also shared some more updates about the AI features of the products.

The Lightweight Surface GO3 Laptop

Microsoft says the laptop comes with a touchscreen display of a 12.4" and it is 88 percent faster. It offers a strong battery backup up to 15 hours.

Surface Laptop Studio 2

The company says this is the most powerful Surface it has built to date. It comes with Intel's 13-Gen i7 H class processor.NVIDIA's RTX 4050 or 4060 GPU, and a RAM of 64 GB.

Camping Helps 

Copilot: Update Of Windows 11

Windows 11 next big update will be on September 26, with lots of new features. Including the new AI-powered Window Copilot feature.

A Single Copilot Across Services 

The merging of Copilot will allow for a unified experience. This tool will be available for Microsoft's all the services and applications.

Microsoft 365 With Copilot

The Microsoft 365 with Copilot comes out in November. Copilot can be used to summarize and rewrite documents and a lot more.

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