Microsoft Teams

5 Things You Must Know

By: Techsvision

Microsoft Teams is a business communication app, developed by Microsoft. It is a part of Microsoft Office 365. This platform is used for meeting purposes in which Chatting and calling is possible.


Microsoft Teams application provides you with two-factor authentication security. The Admin panel of Microsoft 365 allows you to create guest accounts with your clients or business partners.

Better Management 

Organizational conversation transfers valuable information and leaders can use the governance tool for excellent visibility during the conversation.

Conferencing Tool

Microsoft Teams is a nice platform to provide video conferencing tools, communication, and collaboration between the office user and the home user.

Answering Bots

Teams has different bots to answer the Questions about Teams. These bots help to automate time-consuming tasks.

It is a cloud-based collaboration workspace. The trend to remote work started during the COVID-19 pandemic and Microsoft Teams are consistently working on it.

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