The US company is being investigated over a $68.7 billion deal to buy 'Call Of Duty' maker Activation Blizzard Inc

Microsoft's acquisition of game publisher Activision Blizzard faces antitrust security in the UK

The US tech giant announced in January that it was buying Activision Blizzard in a deal that would make it a bigger video game company.

Microsoft makes the Xbox gaming system while Activision has created or acquired popular video games.

The competition and markets authority (CMA) SAID it had untIl SeptembeR 1 to make itS phase 1 decision on reducing the competition in the uk.

- Michelle Delio

The CMA's Phase 1 investigation will either lead to the deal being cleared or will move to a more in-depth Phase 2 review.

Microsoft hopes that the acquisition would aid it in the competition to build the Metaverse.

Various other companies are also fighting for a role in virtual reality which includes the Meta platform.