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Mirrorless Camera Controls

The shutter release on your camera is the button you press to click a picture. Which is typically found on the top right of the camera

Shutter Release

Dial Mode

To change the mode, you simply turn the mode dial to the mode you need. This will immediately change the mode the camera is in, and the new mode is normally shown on the screen too.

Control Wheel

Depending on the camera you have, you will have at least one control wheel to play with. Control wheels can likewise frequently be tracked down on the back side or the top of the camera.

ISO Button

Almost every mirrorless camera comes with a dedicated ISO button. When you increase or decrease the ISO button, you will see the brighter and darker effects on the screen.

Control Wheel

A control wheel is mostly located near the shutter button so it can be easily operated with your index finger. The control wheel is to be used to adjust the specific settings.

Shooting Mode

This shutter mode comes with a timer in most of the cameras. The camera will capture an image after some time when you press the shutter button.

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