Nasa Is Set To Launch Artemis 1

Nasa is planning to launch the most powerful rocket "Artemis 1"  from Kennedy's Space Station Florida.

The Artemis 1 will travel about 1.3 million miles distance and it will take 42 days to cover the distance

The Artemis 1 mission has been delayed because the mission runs billions over budget

Nasa says the Artemis 1 mission aims to launch on the moon first and then on Mars

The primary aim of the Artemis 1 is to demonstrate Orion's system

The Artemis 1 launch countdown will begin at 10:30 am EDT on 27 August, Saturday and it will launch on Monday, 29th August .

Mission Details:

Launch date: 29th August 2022
Duration: 42 days
Distance traveled: 1.3 million miles
Splashdown: October, 10,2022

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