The stock price hit a new 1 year high 

Heading 3

Heading 3

Heading 3

The NASDAQCORCEPT reaches a new 1- year $28.05

The stock traded as high as $28.05 and the last trade was at $27.34 with a volume of 1829 shares

The business 50 days moving normal is $21.64 and it's 200 days simple moving is $21.67

The company's daily profit was over 18.0 compared to the same quarter last time.

The company had a profit of $ 93.70 million for the quarter

About Corcept Rectifiers(NASDAQCORT) rectifiers, incorporated distributors develop medicines for severe diseases.

The company offers Korlym tablets as a formerly diurnal drug for the treatment of Hyperglycemia in adult cases

Independently cut shares of Corcept rectifiers from a strong "steal standing" to a "buy standing" in a exploration note