NieR: Automata player stumbles on a secret room

Automata player has stumbled upon a secret room, that remains undiscovered since 2017

More than five years later, the title continuous to blow our minds

The discovery was made by the Reddit user Sadfutago and has data miners scratching their heads at how it was achieved.

User Sadfutago has posted a screenshot of a church area asking if any other players had managed to find it. He was asking it on behalf of his friend.

NieR Automata is a game filled with secrets, it seems like we did not see them. Some users pointed out it as a mod, but it is not possible to add new areas through the mod.

Professional data miner Lance McDonald who has made previous discoveries in more expressed his shock at the development on Twitter 

No one seems to have replicated Sadfutago's discovery as of yet. This is certainly an exciting time for a game whose final secrets were already thought to have been released