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Nikon Z9 Mirrorless Digital Camera 

By: Techsvision

The Nikon Z9 is one of the best and most powerful Mirrorless cameras. It captures every minute detail in a photo with the fastest 120fps.

Z9 is the first Nikon camera that comes with a 4-axis horizontal and vertical tilting monitor. The Z mount lens helps for faster communication with the lens and camera.

What Makes Nikon Z9 Special?

Expeed 7 Processor

With the help of the Expeed 7 processor, 8k video recording at 120fps is also possible. You can capture 1000 frames at 20fps in full resolution.

Dual Stream Technology

Dual stream technology separately processes data for recordings and live views. The dual-stream technology is provided for writing to the memory card and for viewing separately.

Tiltable Touchscreen

The Z 9 comes with a 4-axis horizontal and vertical LCD touchscreen. It is a convenient way to click the image from any direction.

CMOS Sensor

A full-frame stacked CMOS sensor of 45.7MP is available in the Z9 camera. It is designed to bring UHD image quality

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