Nobel Prize In Physics 2023: 

Process For The Nomination 

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Pierre Agostini, Ferenc Krausz, and Anne L'Huillier have been announced with the 2023 Nobel Prize in Physics.

They have won the Nobel Prize" for experimental methods that generate attosecond pulses of light for the study of electrodynamics in matter."

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Selection Criteria

A person must be nominated for the Nobel Prize by an eligible nominator and self-nomination is not permitted.

Who Can Nominate?

Nominations for the Nobel Prize are submitted by Scientists, University professors, Members of Academics, and the members of the parliamentary assembly.

Eligibility For Nobel Prize In Physics:

The eligible candidates are nominated by the qualified persons who have received the invitation from the Nobel Committee to suggest and submit the names. 

Nomination Restriction

The Nobel Foundation restricted disclosing the names of nominees and other information related to the nomination until 50 years later.

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