ELEET GAMES to build gaming nft's 

ELEET GAMES going  to build Web3 games completely on the Tezos blockchain and for that, they have already started investing in the Tezos foundation.

ELEET GAMES is the next generation Web 3 games and those games are attached with NFT's tokens. The concept depends on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. 

"It is founded by the former board member and CEO of Gameforge AG ELEET GAMES.


ELEET GAMES announced that they will start to develop the blockchain technology games on Tezos blockchain technology and they are set to launch their women $LEET on the Tezos platform 

The gaming publisher leveraging Web3 tools to become the first "Player's Publishers". ELEET GAMES planning to launch on-chain and off-chain games

Tezos is at the lead of the blockchain gaming revolution with fast, secure digital transactions without the need for any third party.

Gaming is a keystone for the Tezos ecosystem that has established itself as a part of the Web3 creator economy.

Tezos is smart money redefining what it means to hold and exchange value in the virtual world.