Open AI: Now, ChatGPT Can Also Generate Images

By: Technical Vision

Now, onwards ChatGPT can generate images too. Open AI released a new version of the DALL-E image generator in San Francisco AI startup. 

The latest version of CharGPT is DALL-E which is a Chatbot as a hub for generative AI that will create text, images, and software by itself.

The new version of DALL-E will create prompts for users and at the same time, it will convert text prompts to images.

The new version of DALL-E will be released to ChatGPT Plus and then to ChatGPT Enterprise respectively.

One of the representatives of the Open AI said that DALL-E is not trained to draw images in the style of a living artist.

DALL-E3 is the new version of ChatGPT. The first version of DALL-E1 was released in January 2021 and the DALL-E2 was released in 2022.

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