Kassel: The New Iron Man Of The NHL

Pic: Wikipedia 

Golden Night's Winger Phil Kessel, 35 is the only player who played 990 consecutive games to become the Iron Man of the NHL

Pic: Wikipedia 

He played his 990th consecutive game against San Jose Sharks and scored the 400th goal of his career.

With a 4-2 win over San Jose Sharks Golden Knight's Phil Kessel broke the NHL record for consecutive games played 

Phil Kessel's career began in 2006 and he is the only player to hold his league's All-time, Iron Man Streak

Hurricanes defenseman Brent Burns is the only other NHL player with an active exceeding 500 games. He played 685 games

Kassel broke the record of Keith Yandle (989), Doug Jarvis (964), Gary Unger (914), and Patrick Marleau (910)

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