Pokemon Go: Rock N Roll Special Research Task

Rock 'n' Roll is a Special Research story that is part of Roggenrola Community  Day.

There are several ways for players to get involved in the event. There is an event-exclusive Special Research Story, which is dubbed Rock-N-Roll.

2000 Stardust, Roggenrola Encounter, 1 Star Piece

Rock-N-Roll: Step 1 Completion Rewards

Rock-N-Roll: Step 2 Completion Rewards

1500 XP, Roggenrola Encounter, 1 Star piece.

Rock-N-Roll: Step 3 Completion Rewards

2500 XP, 1 Rocket Radar, 15 Ultra Balls

Rock-N-Roll: Step 4 Completion Rewards

3000 Stardust, Gigalith Encounter, 3 Rare Candy

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