PS5 players 3 big mistakes

Could ban you

PS5 has decided to permanently ban the accounts of players after violations of PlayStation games 3 simple rules and policies.

1. Threaten or bully other players.

According to Sony, players have to follow the instructions and guidelines of the PlayStation Network Code Of Conduct very strictly. If anyone reports you.

PlayStation Code Of Conduct 

Because to promote the malicious expressions, threatening, harming or warning anyone is against the PlayStation Network Code Of Conduct.

2. Use glitches to take advantage 

We all couldn't take an advantage of a fraudulent glitch to gain an edge in the match. PSN code of conduct prohibits these activities.

PSN Code Of Conduct 

The rules stipulate that players must not use bugs, glitches, a vulnerability in their products or PSNs to take advantage.

3. Sharing personal information of other players 

Online sharing of any kind of personal information of any player or even a friend may suspend your PS5 accounts.

Also, sharing images of others without their permission will be considered a violation.