Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses: Cool Gadget 

By: Techsvision

The companies have maintained a slim, stylish, and light design. The glasses are available in seven colors, multiple lens choices, and many style variations.

The Ray-Ban Meta and Meta Quest 3 are exceptionally different gadgets. The Ray-Ban Meta glasses are powered by improved audio and video quality.

Improved photo and video quality can be seen because the camera has been upgraded from 5MP to 12MP. The resolution has improved to 3024×4032 pixels.

The speaker quality has also improved. It’s louder, with more bass, and spatial audio support to get a better experience on calls.

It charges via USB-C, and there’s a new indicator LED button that turns orange while charging and green when everything is full.

It supports fast charging and up to 36 hours of backup with a charging case. The charging case design and an improved battery life are the positive sides of the device.

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