Human and cyborg DISCOVEREd 40000 galaxies 

A new Artificial Intelligence named Zoobot and humans has teamed up to find 40000 rings in the galaxy space

The researchers interpret the joint approach between humans and Artificial Intelligence as "Cyborg".

The new Artificial Intelligence algorithm is capable of identifying these markers and it can predict exactly what human volunteers say after making a mistake by AI.

The zoobot is also equipped for the improvement of the AI to answer the new questions 

Dr Mike Walmsley from the University of Manchester explains that AI is capable of doing this because of has already learned to answer these kinds of different questions.

The discovery of 40000 ring galaxies is 6 times more than previously known

The zoobot is designed to be retrained again for new science goals just can an expert can learn new things faster than before

The rare galAXY type take billion of YeaRs to form and they are destroyed during the galaxy collision