Role Of Quantum Mechanics In Daily Life

By: Techsvision

Quantum mechanics is used in many everyday electronic devices like; Mobiles, computers, lasers, GPS systems, Transistors, telecommunication and more.

1. Mobile And Computer

Mobile phones and computer works on the principle of Quantum Physics. Quantum Physics is the study of the wave nature of an electron.

2. Laser

An electron will jump to a high-energy level when it gets excited. However, it will jump back to the lower energy form which is more stable; and it emits light.

3. GPS Systems

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is again an exemplar of the Quantum Physics. Here, the distance between your current location and the satellite is calculated.

4. Transistors

The transistors are used to amplify electrical signals. Electronic devices are designed with transistors to lift the electric power. It plays the role of an electric powerhouse.

5. Telecom 

Fibre optic cable is a great example of two-way communication. The fiber optic telecommunication works on the principle of Quantum Physics of the laser.

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