Scientists Discovered Supersonic Water "XIX"

By: Techsvision

The planets of our solar systems like; Uranus and Neptune are full of water. Even the surface of the planet is as hot as the surface of Sun.

Scientists recently found the ice XIX for the first time to measure the structure of ice at an extreme conditions.

Back in 1977, NASA's Voyager II spacecraft discovered unusual magnetic fields surrounding the planets Uranus and Neptune.

According to the new study, the presence of “superionic Ice XIX” could justify the peculiar magnetic fields of these icy planets. 

There are several phases of water available. One of these phases is known as "Supersonic Ice" and the ice that we made in freezer is known as Hexagonal Ice.

The study showed that in Ice XIX, oxygen atoms are arranged in a unique cubic pattern within the ice and the hydrogen atoms inside it move freely to increase the conductivity.

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