7 easiest ways

How to write SEO-FRIENDLY articles?

A Keyword Research 

A keyword is an essential element of SEO. Try to search for a Lomg Tail Keyword that helps to rank the article on Google easily.

Keyword Placement

Keyword placement should be proper. Placement of the keyword is a must at the title as well as at the beginning of the article.

Use Of Keyword In The Paragraph 

A well-optimized post contains keywords in the paragraph and you should  try to write 3-4 lines in each paragraph including the keyword.

Use ALT-TXT For Images

Image placement helps to attract visitors to your article but images should not be copyrighted. Mention the keyword in the form of ALT-TXT for images for optimization.

Use Heading And Subheadingng 

Use a heading before writing a paragraph to inform the visitors about the paragraph. Use the related keywords in the paragraph.

Use Bold And Italic Font

You should use Bold and Italic fonts for the keywords and headings to make it impressive. Google ranks such types of articles on priority.

Add a Meta Description in your article to appear in the Google search engine. The meta description should be a maximum of 150 words.

meta description