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Nana Hats For Bananas


Nana Hats is the world's first reusable banana preservation device for keeping the bananas fresher for a longer time

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Nana Hats founder Sean Adler was introducing his product in the episode of Shark Tank to keep the bananas fresh 

According to Nana Hats, customers were satisfied after using a Nana Hat that has extended their banana's freshness by more than 50%

Nana Hats are reusable caps, you need to clean the caps with warm water and dry them before using them 

Nana Hats was founded by Sean Adler on October 24, 2022, and he announced the same on his Instagram  account

Nana Hats are available in Standard and Large sizes. Standard size a for 1-3 bananas and the for 4 and more than 4 bananas Large size is suitable 

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