SmartWatch Or Fitness Band 

Which Is Better?

By: Technical Vision

The fitness band is comparatively slimmer than the smartwatch. The fitness band becomes more complicated to show smartphone notifications where the smartwatches have a large dial to display 



A smartwatch generally comes with all the abilities of the fitness tracker like, heart rate monitoring, and GPS sensors along with an activity tracker which only a few fitness bands have


Smartwatches have more advanced smart features including music control and built-in Bluetooth and Mic for making a call


One major difference between Smartwatch and a fitness tracker is in terms of connectivity options, some smartwatches come with cellular connectivity.

Fitness trackers are smaller than smartwatches. A strong battery backup is a positive side of a fitness tracker whereas a smartwatch is designed with a large dial.


The cost of smartwatches can go up depending on the size, material, and features used in them. If it is a cellular model then the prices can go up.

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