New Nanoparticle Ink Helps To Print Next Generation Solar Cells

Lightweight and flexible perovskites are highly promising materials for the fabrication of photovoltaics.

Researchers at Nanjing University, Shanghai have recently introduced a new strategy to develop more efficient solar cells based on flexible perovskites.

The flexible and all perovskites tandem solar cells devised by the researchers have a carefully studied design and composition.

The average size of each particle inside the ink product may be adjusted to stay between the range of 5nm to 10nm

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Perovskite solar cell takes less energy to manufacture than their well-established silicon equivalents by challenging their efficiency.

Power conversion efficiencies of 18% have been seen in prototype devices, which is among the greatest efficiencies for a planar structured perovskite solar cell treated at a low temperature.

The lightweight, flexible all-perovskite cells cost effeCtivE to transfer, install and store.